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Sometimes a seemingly innocent problem can lead a newbie to proclaim, “SharePoint is crap!” Of course, we know from experience this is typically due to a personal problem, not a problem with the platform. One such simply innocent problem came from a mysterious visitation by the ancient Shuar people (who’s practices included head shrinking, known as tsantsa).

From time to time, we’ve had users notice that the tabs in the ribbon get cut off or trimmed as shown below:

Shrunken/truncated/trimmed tabs

Took a while, but I finally found what is happening. It has to do with the zoom setting on your browser. The image above comes from IE8 set to 115% zoom:

115% zoom

Set the zoom level back to 100% (sometimes other zoom levels work, too) and the “shrunken tabs,” “truncated tabs,” or “trimmed tabs” (whatever you want to call it) goes away!

Although it appears the Shuar don’t practice the art of tsantsa anymore, it may not be a bad idea to keep this in mind if you ever find your SharePoint UI being visited by the spirits of their ancestors leaving behind a case of shrunken head.


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