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I’ve been struggling for the past week to get some custom Access Denied, Signout, and Login pages implemented in our environment. There is a lot of agreement that Get-SPCustomLayoutsPage, Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage, and Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebApplication.UpdateMappedPage() were¬†great additions to SharePoint 2010, but there’s been quite the struggle getting¬†these to work in SharePoint 2013.

The first question to ask is: Are you running the April 2013 CU or later? This is critical! There was a bug in earlier versions of SharePoint which made it so you could set a custom layouts page, but it wouldn’t use it. Be patient after you upgrade your farm, it took several days before ours finally started behaving itself after the CU (go ask the Computer Gods if you want to know why–I just thanked them when it finally worked.)

The next question to ask is: What UI is your site using? Is it using the 2010 UI or the 2013 UI? In many cases, you have upgraded your farm to SP2013, but haven’t upgraded your sites, yet.

As it turns out, the question about the UI is quite important. If your site is using the 2013 UI, you’re fine: By default Get-SPCustomLayoutsPage, Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage, and SPWebApplication.UpdateMappedPage(...) work with a CompatibilityLevel = 15. That’s right, CompatibilityLevel! There is an undocumented parameter on these cmdlets and method (presumably added with the April 2014 CU). If your site is using the 2010 UI, you’ll need to specify a CompatibilityLevel = 14 when using these cmdlets or method. Just be sure to give the correct path for the correct hive/UI: The path must start with “/_layouts/15/” for the 2013 UI (CompatibilityLevel = 15, or omitted), and must start with “/_layouts/” for the 2010 UI (CompatibilityLevel = 14).

Just be sure you deploy your custom pages to both hives. For me, I had packaged the custom pages in a farm solution. Just needed to deploy the pages to both hives by specifying CompatibilityLevel = All when executing Install-SPSolution. (Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this from the deployment in CA.)

Of course, this means you are able to have different pages for each of the mapped pages for each of the hives. Want one Access Denied page for the 2010 UI and a different one for the 2013 UI? No problem!


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