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Steve Peschka put together a great blog post about Bypassing the Multi Authentication Provider Selection Page in SharePoint 2010 that was also incorporated in a Microsoft MSDN article. (If you’re not concerned with SharePoint 2010 and are here for info regarding SharePoint 2013, skip down to the “SharePoint 2013” heading.) The workaround Peschka provides works, but I had a few issues with how it was put together:

  1. It’s not a solution deployment. Manual. 😐
  2. You’re replacing an out-of-the-box page. What happens to your changes if a CU updates that page? :-/
  3. The change affects all web applications ran on the WFE server you make the change on. What if you have a web application you don’t want to auto-select a provider?

My first issue was disappointing. My second issue was risky. My third issue? Just not acceptable because we do have multiple web applications and don’t want all of them to auto-select. (more…)


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