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New Job

I am happy to announce that I started a new job as a SharePoint Developer at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints on Monday, March 10. It’s been a bit of a slow start since I broke my arm Saturday while skiing (thanks, Olympics, for giving me the courage to try something stupid) and had to have it surgically put back together this week. Been getting to know some of the great people who make up the SharePoint Team and am thrilled to be working with them.


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Google Dictionary

Just stumbled upon a little gem in Google. I did a search for a word and I misspelled it: Google came up with the correct spelling and a definition for the word. To get a definition for any word, just search for “define [word]” where you put in your word in place of “[word]”.

Thanks, Google!

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This blog has been created as a sharing medium for the unique SharePoint solutions and discoveries that can help make us all more productive. Encouraged by fellow associates, it will be used to better share with the world some of the knowledge gained through experience.

“Sawyer” is a nickname I’ve taken on for many years. Inspired by Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, it is a reminder of the antics and fun had by the classic literature character himself. Coincidentally, today also happens to be Mark Twain’s 176th birthday (thanks, Google, for pointing that out with your Doodle of the day).  Merriam-Webster also defines a sawyer as, “a tree fast in the bed of a stream with its branches projecting to the surface and bobbing up and down with the current.” A definition which paints a rather desirable image.


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